713-239-0252 Save $$$$ on Utilities This reduces the waste generated by not requiring that the wall cavity be filled in order to achieve the same R value as 0.5/lb foams. Our 0.5/lb foam allows for a fully filled wall as with conventional 0.5/lb foams. SES is available through authorized contractors throughout the US. By having 1.0 PCF density and a higher R-value than the typical low density foams you are able to achieve a higher R- value in a 3.5” wall. What We Do At SES Foam we produce urethane spray foam for residential & commercial applications. Our chemicals have created a unique formula that is believed to be the highest bio-based content available in the industry. Our product has been tested and verified to contain 15% bio-based content for our SES 0.5/lb foam and 25% bio-based content for our SES 1/lb. foam, believed to be the highest natural content in the spray foam industry. High Value Natural Products SES Foam products have the some of the highest bio-based content in the industry. This high bio-based content has been confirmed by ASTM 6886 and refers to the final foam product. Our products contain 17% and 25% bio-based content in the finished foam and our resin contains considerably higher bio-based content. Our technology is significantly different from typical urethanes so much so that our 0.5/lb and 1.0/lb products are patent pending. This unique technology provides a truly differential product to the contractor applying the product and more importantly to the final customer to have peace of mind that they have made the wisest choice available today. © 2014 SES Foam Residential & Commerical
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